Multiple HTML File Maker 2.0

Generate multiple HTML files from variables

Multiple HTML File Maker will help you present information to a large number of users as static pages and without large expenditures in upgrading the technology, and likewise can possibly help optimize your site for more optimal indexing by search engines.

You need to prepare a data file before commencing work with the program. You can create it using, for example, MS Excel.

Open your table and save it as "CSV – Windows".

In formulating the content, the program will automatically insert the values from the data file into your template and provide each file a new name. You can have parameters to create the filenames and subdirectories in which the files are stored. After creating these, the program will also automatically create a file with a header and links to the created files.

Together, Multiple File Search and Replace and Multiple HTML File Maker are indispensable tools in the hands of the best webmasters and SEO optimizers.